Hackers secret tools….

Hackers secret tools….

Hackers use a variety of tools to attack a system. Each of the tools we cover in this article have distinct capabilities. We describe the most popular tools from each of the following categories:

■ Port scanners

■ Vulnerability scanners

■ Rootkits

■ Sniffers

Later in this article, we use some of these tools in realistic scenarios to demonstrate how easily even a novice hacker or script-kiddie can gain access to an unsecured system.


What is the difference between select,pluck,map and collect?

Hello friends, 

I am going to show you what exactly difference between all this keywords.

Below screen shot i have 3 different user record, which we are getting with all this queries.

1) User.all.select(:email)

select takes (0.3ms) when find user by email and returns Active record object.

2) User.all.pluck(:email)
pluck also takes (0.3ms) when find user by email and returns email Array.

3) User.all.collect(&:email)
collect takes (0.4ms) when find user by email and returns email Array.

4) User.all.map(&:email)

 map takes (0.5ms) when find user by email and returns email Array.

You can also try it on your rails console.